Parliamentarians and Auditors from Overseas Territories commit to work together on oversight of public finances

As part of their commitment to work together to improve the oversight of public finances and governance, key actors from the UK and the Overseas Territories (OTs) met in London this week.

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Wales Audit Office technical advice service for UKOTs

The Wales Audit Office is running a financial audit technical advice service for the UK Overseas Territories. The service will run until 13 March 2020.

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Claire Malcolm on Secondment with Scottish Government

Claire Malcolm from the Turks & Caicos Internal Audit Office recently undertook a secondment with the Scottish Government as part of the UK Overseas Territories Project. She writes about her experiences below.

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Denecia Furlonge on Secondment with Welsh Government

Denecia Furlonge from the Montserrat Internal Audit Office is currently undertaking a secondment with the Welsh Government as part of the UK Overseas Territories Project. She writes about her experiences below.

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Notice of Upcoming Event - UKOTP London Forum

The third Forum of the UK Overseas Territories Project led by CPA UK in partnership with the UK National Audit Office (NAO) and the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) will again bring together key stakeholders from the PACs, Internal and Externa...

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Jo Corkish on the Falkland Islands PAC Workshop

Public Accounts Committees around the world will recognise the challenges of how to achieve the maximum impact with limited resources. As part of CPA UK’s project designed to support the Overseas Territories with topics relating to public financial...

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Falkland Islands to host international parliamentarians and officials for workshop to support Public Accounts Committee

A delegation of international parliamentarians and clerks will participate in a workshop in Falkland Islands from 11-13 June 2019 on parliamentary oversight of public funds. The workshop, which has been organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Ass...

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Celebrating International Internal Audit Awareness Month in Montserrat

For the International Internal Audit Awareness month, our team decided to reach out to the public service and the general public to generate an awareness and understanding of our unit, its roles and functions. We were most pleased to have had some ve...

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PRESS RELEASE: Parliamentarians and Auditors from UK and Overseas Territories come together to discuss good practice

Key actors from the UK and the Overseas Territories (OTs) will meet to identify and develop good practice with the aim of enhancing oversight of public finance. The Oversight of Public Finances Forum 2019 will run from 5-7 March 2019 and will be atte...

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Jonathan King on his secondment with Cayman Islands PAC

Before going on the attachment I had been struck by the many apparent similarities between the Public Accounts Committee systems in the Cayman Islands and my home jurisdiction, the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man has a population of around 85,000, a leg...

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