Celebrating International Internal Audit Awareness Month in Montserrat

May is International Audit Awareness Month and Chief Internal Auditor in Montserrat, Romilly Murrain, shares how they celebrated below.

For the International Internal Audit Awareness month, our team decided to reach out to the public service and the general public to generate an awareness and understanding of our unit, its roles and functions. We were most pleased to have had some very engaging sessions thus far with approximately 25 departments/ministries who were appreciative of our presentations especially the sections on internal controls and how it can help them improve professionally.  Additionally, students at the lone secondary school expressed their appreciation for the presentations as it opened their minds to a new and possible career path for those who were undecided. 

We have also utilized other mediums, such as pamphlets and flyers which were distributed to the departments/ministries. These provided useful tips of who we are, what we do, what we don’t do, as well as who the members of the team are. Furthermore, each member of the team recorded general tips to be aired on the local radio station throughout the month.

The month will culminate with a live programme on the local radio station on Monday, May 27th and an open day at the office on Friday, May 31st.   We have invited our key stakeholders for the advocacy of the roles and functions to the open day, two of whom have agreed to formally provide positive attestations. It will also include a brief recognition of an outstanding member of the team.

This month’s activities will not only help us with creating an awareness, but also improve client relations. This is pivotal to the effectiveness of our operations, as our clients increasingly see us as their trusted advisors, our ultimate objective.