Denecia Furlonge on Secondment with Welsh Government

Denecia Furlonge from the Montserrat Internal Audit Office is currently undertaking a secondment with the Welsh Government as part of the UK Overseas Territories Project. She writes about her experiences below.

Opportunities to experience new cultures and new tools and techniques of getting the job done is a passion that I explore daily as it ties in with my need to live my life by the Japanese principle of Kaizen - the need for continuous improvement.  The secondment therefore presented the perfect opportunity.
The excitement for the opportunity came with its own fears as I worried about the size as compared to the small close knit team that I work with in Montserrat, as well as the cultural differences.  My fears also included fitting in with the organisation’s culture and managing in a faster paced environment.  However, these fears were all quashed upon meeting the Wales team and experiencing the same inclusivity that is experienced in Montserrat.  My biggest cultural shock is definitely the amount of people employed by the Welsh Government (which is more than Montserrat’s population).
Being two months in, I’ve been able to participate in audit activities that have been geared towards my learning objectives. My learning opportunities have expanded outside the scope of my learning objectives and I have garnered some pointers that I may be able to impart with the team in Montserrat.  Additionally, the learning curve thus far signals greater things for the months that lie ahead and I look forward to them.
The secondment experience has also forced me to strip away some of my self-reservations and become a more open and sociable individual as I am here without family and friends.  That may be described as the most difficult part of the experience thus far. 
Looking back on my experiences thus far, the secondment experience has been valuable as it is allowing me to grow as an individual as well as improve my auditing skills.