Caro Tomlinson on her secondment with Turks & Caicos PAC

Before I went to the Turks and Caicos Islands for the two-week clerk attachment, I had an opportunity to discuss the particular topics to be addressed with the Chair of the PAC, the Honourable Akierra Missick MP. Although I knew of the CPA UK’s pro...

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Fay Bowen on her secondment with St Helana PAC

CPA UK’s project to strengthen financial oversight and scrutiny across the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) was launched just over year ago. It aims to facilitate improving the effectiveness of Public Accounts Committees (PACs) by sharing knowledge ...

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Report on St Helena PAC Visit to UK Parliament

CPA UK organised a programme focusing on public financial scrutiny and oversight for the Public Accounts Committee of the St Helena Legislative Council. In November 2017, the Chair, Vice Chair, Members and Clerk met with their counterparts and other ...

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Northern Ireland clerk on his secondment to Montserrat Public Accounts Committee

Jim McManus - Clerk of the Committee for Finance in the Northern Irish Assembly - undertook a secondment to the Montserrat PAC. He shares his experiences below. Montserrat has some strong connections to Ireland which arise from a variety of histor...

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PRESS: Montserrat Public Accounts Committee Launches Inquiry into Outsourcing Cleaning Contracts

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has launched an inquiry into the outsourcing of public service cleaning services by the Government of Montserrat.

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Report on Gibraltar Member Visit to UK Parliament

CPA UK organised a programme to support Members of Parliament from the Government and Opposition in enhancing their oversight role, supporting effective financial scrutiny outside of the framework of a PAC. The programme shared approaches between the...

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Report on Montserrat PAC Workshop

CPA UK partnered with the Montserrat Legislative Assembly to organise a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Workshop for PAC Members and associated stakeholders in November 2017. The Workshop is one of a number of activities within the Programme of Activ...

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Sharing The Challenges and Opportunities of Working in a Smaller Legislature with the Parliament of Bermuda

On 29th January 2018, a delegation of Members of the Parliament of Bermuda’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and their Clerk, visited the National Assembly for Wales. This visit was organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) as ...

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Gibraltar parliamentarians visit Westminster for programme on public financial management

CPA UK recently welcomed parliamentarians from Gibraltar for a programme looking at parliamentary oversight of public funds as well as the potential impact of Brexit. The programme - as part of the UK Overseas Territories Project - took place in Wes...

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Lawrence Llamas MP: The Westminster Experience

Lawrence Llamas MP is a Member of the Gibraltar Parliament who this week- as part of the UK Overseas Territories Project - attended a programme with CPA UK in Westminster. Here he shares his thoughts.

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