Travel Diary: James Meager on secondment to St Helena Internal Audit Office

James Meager, Senior Auditor at the GIAA, arrived on St Helena for a two-month secondment with the island’s internal audit office on 15 September. Below is and excerpt of his account of his first week on-island.

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Invitation to E-Workshop on Audit Quality Assurance Systems

The interactive E-workshop will provide insights into ensuring audit quality and how Quality Assurance arrangements can be tailored for smaller organisations.

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Rod Viggers on his placement with the Cayman Islands Internal Audit Service

Rod Viggers is an Audit Principal at the UK Government Internal Audit Agency. He recently undertook a placement with the Cayman Islands Internal Audit Service and writes about his experiences below. 

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PACs come together for networking event at the National Assembly in Cardiff

On the 20th anniversary of Welsh devolution, the National Assembly of Wales played host to a networking event for Public Accounts Committees (PACs) from across the UK and beyond. With representatives from the devolved legislatures and crown dependenc...

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Journey of a PAC Clerk from Northern Ireland to Anguilla

Lucia Wilson has worked for the Northern Ireland Assembly since 2001 as a senior researcher and more latterly as a Clerk to various Committees.  She took up her post as Clerk of the Public Accounts Committee in January 2014. Here she writes about he...

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St Helena Chief Auditor, Phil Sharman, leaves for Virgin Islands (UK)

Chief Auditor for St Helena, Phil Sharman, has taken up a new role as Auditor General for the Virgin Islands (UK).

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National Audit Office training on financial audit manual for use in UKOTs

In October the UK NAO will host a training on a new NAO produced financial audit manual for use in the UK Overseas Territories. The training will see external auditors attend from across the UK Overseas Territories.

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Clerk attachment to Anguilla Public Accounts Committee

At the end of July 2017, the Clerk of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Northern Ireland Assembly, Lucia Wilson, will be undertaking an attachment to Anguilla. By working alongside the Clerk of the PAC in the Anguillan House of Assembly as ...

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UK Overseas Territories come together for Forum on public financial management

As part of the UK Overseas Territories Project, representatives from ten UKOTs were recently brought together for a Forum on Supporting the Role of Public Accounts Committees & Audit Institutions in Oversight of Public Funds. This was an opportun...

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