UK Overseas Territories Project Wins Public Finance Award 2020

The UK Overseas Territories Project (UKOTP) has been awarded the Public Finance Award 2020 for Good Governance, Risk Management or Prevention.

The Awards took place between 19 – 22 October 2020 and recognise the peopleproducts and services that demonstrate excellence and originality within public finance. The Award for Good Governance, Risk Management or Prevention recognises an individual or team that has developed a governance, risk management or prevention project, displaying high accountability standards, strong oversight and risk awareness alongside improved outcomes and impact.

The Judges said "[The UK Overseas Territories Project] stood out as being different and one that has the potential to make a substantial impact. It addresses a recognised problem and is robust in its oversight. Government departments with interests abroad can replicate success with this approach.”

The UK Overseas Territories Project was also a runner up for both the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Outstanding Internal Audit Team Award and the Government Finance Function and Government Internal Audit’s Collaboration Award.

Congratulations to the UK Overseas Territories Project team, including partners from CPA UK, GIAA and NAO. The award also would not have been possible without the valued involvement of those in the UK Overseas Territories whose engagement with the project has demonstrated a strong commitment to the values of good governance, oversight and scrutiny.