Wales Audit Office technical advice service for UKOTs

The Wales Audit Office is running a financial audit technical advice service for the UK Overseas Territories. The service will run until 13 March 2020. 

To use the service email to There is a draft technical query form that can be requested from the above email that audit offices will need to complete and submit to access the advice. The form requires the Auditor General submitting the query to set out the issue, their initial conclusion, and the specific question they wish the WAO to respond to.  The WAO aims to turnaround the query in 5 working days. 

If successful from the point of view of UK Overseas Territories and the WAO, there may be scope to extend the service into 2020-21.

Sandra Stephens Malcolm, Auditor General in the Turks & Caicos Islands, used the service and stated afterwards:

"I have had the pleasure of using the technical advice service provided by the Wales Audit office. The matter that I had referred to the team  was one that no definitive accounting was currently in place for. This meant that the matter could have been analyzed and concluded on  in a number of ways.

The feedback I received from the team was very balanced and concise taking into account the complexities and nuances of the matter.  Importantly the team did not seek to advance their advice as being the only or right approach but sought to arrive at consensus through dialogue and having a thorough understanding of the background of the matter.

In closing the issue was resolved in a timely manner and was professionally dealt with. I would definitely be using the service again as and when the need arises."


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